New iPhone 2010: OS 3.2 SDK N89

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There have been so many rumors about the new iPhone 2010 model; we had hoped to see it make an appearance at last weeks Apple event. However, Steve Jobs decided to unveil his new iPad tablet instead, but the release of the OS 3.2 SDK has shown us that the iPhone 4G comes with the codename N89.
There are also two other codenames hidden in the SDK, those include the N72 and the N88, not sure how happy Nokia will be with that? According to Engadget, the N89 is for the new iPhone, and the N72 and N88 are for two new iPod Touch models.

There is now much confusion over this as it was first thought that N90 was the codename for the 4th-generation iPhone, we are not sure why Apple changed this. There is nothing else we can tell you at this moment, but Engadget will continue to do some digging to learn more about the next Apple Smartphone.
The iPhone OS 3.2 SDK was released last week so that application developers can release new apps for the iPad. Apple did say that most of the 140,000 iPhone apps would work on the new tablet device, but hopes that developers will work on new software designed to take advantage of the iPads larger screen.